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I am Manny J

I am Manny J


We have come so far and there is still so much to learn and achieve in the “digital space”. A friend, and mentor of mine, told me “there is always something to learn, from the previous day”. The digital space stops for no one and there really is no time to stand still.

Other things about me:

  • Certified Microsoft and Web Professional.
  • I have a practical implementation experience with Drupal and WordPress.
  • I love collaboration tools like SharePoint 2007/2010 and the numerous other Content Management platforms available.
  • 15+ years of product development, customer support and technical documentation experience.
  • I am still a website administrator and I love to talk about SEO.
  • I have a background in computing and digital media.
  • Currently working towards a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Communications.
  • Always participating in e-learning opportunities, webinars and enhancing my digital media skills.

I love using mobile technology, playing around with  HTML5, playing around with Linux Mint / Ubuntu in my spare time and I have a soft spot for Firefox OS.  To learn more about my professional life, please check out my LinkedIn profile below and connect with me.


To learn why I am “socially me” connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

Always take time to smile! Remember yesterday is non-refundable, so #BeHappy!

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